The Best Cleansing Gels for Every Single Budget

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When it comes to cleansing, consistency is key—and we don't just mean sticking to a regular routine. The actual physical consistency of the formula is one of those features that we get super picky about, not to mention it's vital in actually sweeping dirt, debris, and excess oil off your face and delivering good-for-you ingredients to the surface of your skin. And if jelly highlighter was any indication of what the beauty industry is digging right now, you already know that cleansing gels are having a moment.

Cleansing gels are lighter than your standard cream and easily glide over your skin. They're often touted for being ultra-hydrating, but you can find a gel in every skincare genre, whether it's one that controls oil, adds moisture back into your skin, or delivers anti-aging actives while washing away foundation. Here, we rounded up a few of the best options—like enzyme cleansing gels to transformative gel-to-foaming formulas for every single option.

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