What I'm Looking Forward To This Fashion Week

- Pierre Suu/Getty Images
Pierre Suu/Getty Images

Fashion Week kicks off in New York City this week, and you all know what that means: Lots of bad attitudes and not enough taxi cabs.

Well, I, for one, remain optimistic about this season. This despite the fact that I was just reading a news report from Bloomberg on Monday, while the stock market was plummeting and the weather forecaster was predicting snow, that said Americans are now spending less money on clothes. The headline was “The Death of Clothing.”

“Apparel has simply lost its appeal,” the story noted, and I can’t fault its reasoning. People dress more casually at work and at home, while influencers have pretty much sapped the fun out of shopping for everyone else. So why bother watching runway shows for weeks on end, you may very well wonder?

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VIDEO: Back of the Cab at New York Fashion Week

But when you take a closer look at the extensive array of designer shows on offer, in New York as well as in London, Milan, and Paris this month, there is actually hope, if not for boring old clothing, then at least for fashion. I’m talking about the biggest, the boldest, and the craziest kind of fashion, which frankly, is all that really rises to the forefront of the conversation amid so many competing voices. So without further ado, here are the 10 things I am most looking forward to seeing and hearing about this month, and why you (yes, you over there in your Bonobos chinos) should be too.


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